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Can turn to
Very quickly"


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In other news, the other stitches that weren’t ripped out of my skin are healing just fine.

I goaded Eddie the other night until he punched me straight off the roof. It felt good when he was hitting me, at least its better than when he kisses me. Bc when he kisses me he denies it. But there’s no way he can deny that punch, especially not since it tore out my stitches and he was forced to clean up my blood….

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"At 3 a.m everyone is asleep
And the whispers from my razors
Fill my mind
They promise relief and a moment of calm
Like the eye in the storm
Please don’t be mad when my music can’t go louder than their sweet persuasion
And I cave to this never ending cycle
Filled with bloody arms and poorly stitched wounds"

— (e.m.d)

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"Hide my head I wanna drown in sorrow.
No tomorrow, no tomorrow.
And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, the dreams in which Im dying are the best Ive ever had."

—Mad World, Tears For Fears

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"I took a knife and cut myself open a hundred times, watched as red waves poured from the break of skin like the sea. How much do I have to bleed out before I finally feel better?"


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"Any pain I ever inflect on myself could never compare to the pain of your rejection or of your absence."

Still not over you.


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